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Screenshot 2022-05-18 at 18-21-33 Toronto Outdoor Art Fair.png

Toronto Outdoor show is back and I will be part of it!


Screenshot 2022-05-18 at 18-22-59 The New Art Festival.png

New Art Festival is back and I will be part of it!



I am part of The Ten Collective painting exhibition, an amazing art event in Almonte.


I was oficially selected to be part of the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair, online edition, 2021. Please visit their website for full experience.


My work was selected to be part of the Canadian Ceramic Artists Exhibition inaugurated during the Ceramic Congress. The virtual exhibition will be open until December, 2021. Please visit the link below and have a tour in the virtual space.

My work titled "Departure" was selected as "Best in Show"  at the Annual Exhibition organized by the Ottawa Guild of Potters. To view the gallery and the guild's activity please visit their website.

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